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Topic: CMSDK – site management system of ABCname Company
What is content management system (CMS)?


Huge number of new sites appears on the network every day. Internet industry is attracting more and more attention, and practically becomes habitat of many modern users. Websites have different subject directions; each person can find useful information. The sizes of websites also differ. There are small one-page resources, and also sites that have hundreds of pages. Large web resources need some program that will be able to edit all materials quickly. That is why CMS was developed. Content Management System – special a software, namely special management system, also call it a content management system, or simply "engine". By means of this system the administrator of a resource or even the normal user who doesn't have specialized knowledge and skills, can quickly edit a site.

Content Management System is special software, namely special management system, simply called "engine". With the help of this system an administrator of a resource or even normal user who doesn't have special knowledge and skills, can quickly edit a site. Editing includes not only direct change of site materials, but also additional functions of the site, user management, deleting or concealment certain materials and a lot of other functions.

The necessity CMS creation for the first time appeared in the nineties. At that time technologies of site creation contained not only customary html-structure, but also a set of units with use of other programming languages. These sites became very difficult to edit. Even the smallest changes took a lot of time. In the mid-nineties the active development of site control systems began. At the beginning of a new century of CMS extended worldwide and became an integral part of many sites. There are more than 1200 different "engines" today. They can be free or paid or authoring.

Paid CMS are created by companies specializing in the development of such software for commercial purposes. These systems are considered to be extremely reliable. Their code is practically impossible to crack. In addition, developers always provide technical support for their customers. But despite all the advantages, paid content management systems have some disadvantages. For example, design limitations. When designing the layout you will have to take into consideration every feature of the "engine". Otherwise the result may be unexpected and too much time would be wasted. Besides in order to extend the functionality you will have to buy the required modules from the developer.

cmsdk_menuFree CMS are the most widespread. 90% of sites are installed on these management systems. Huge plus of such systems is that you don’t have to pay for them. Besides, they have an open code that allows developers to improve it. It is also possible to find a lot of information on the internet for operation with CMS, communities of admirers, an additional functionality and so forth. Minuses: insufficient reliability, setup complexity. Safety of a website installed on a free management system can't be guaranteed, and big amount of settings can tangle even the most skilled programmer.

CMSDK of ABCname Company

Authoring site management systems are created by the different companies that offer services of domain registration, providing web hosting for sites. Of course, they can install popular CMS to their clients, but more often authoring CMS is used. Such systems ensure high safety for a site and they are simple and clear. It is always possible to contact technical support service if you have any questions. ABCname Company also has its own CMS – CMSDK. It deserves attention because it cardinally differs from existing management systems.

Our CMSDK has some parts similar to other CMS. First, it is front and back ends. Frontend is a part which is seen by users, i.e. its visual representation. Backend is an administrative panel. Management of web sites is made through the administrative panel. Distinctive feature of CMSDK is a possibility of editing site contents directly through frontend. If a person logs in as an administrator, he can select in what part he wants to work. For example, it is better to select frontend is you want to change already existing content. It will allow to do all necessary actions very quickly and what is the most important, to see result at once. To use backend you can just click an icon at the top of the page. And then you can do all that your heart desires. Our system has a user-friendly interface. Even the novice user will be able to create necessary modules on his website. Thus, CMSDK is an easy to use, functional management site system.