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Topic: Website creation

website creationIn the present world of a prompt development of the Internet technologies creation of sites has already become common procedure. Before he orders the site creation, the client should decide on the purposes which the resource will execute afterwards. For example, a promo site can carry out information on news, a kind of activity and primary benefits of the company. The creation of such web resource won't demand a lot of time and efforts from the programmer. However the creation of information site or an online shop can take much more time for execution. Usually such job has many additional aspects, such as a creation of site with expanded functionality and thorough study of each detail. Besides, large web resources must be tested carefully.

Main types of websites
Promo site. Such web resource is developed for the newly made companies which have just entered the market of the Internet goods and services. As a rule, the promo site consists of several pages which include the information on the company, products or services offered by the company, and also the main contacts of firm. Besides, quite often business cards contain different price lists. Characteristic feature of such web resources is uniqueness of the site visual design, combined with simplicity and functionality.

Corporate site. The large companies can't simply exist without their own resource. It can be either the image or the information project. So, the image corporate site is created to increase the company recognition on a network. As a rule the following is displayed on such resources: the detailed information about firm activities, the history of its creation and development, the detailed description of offered services or products. Rather often the company’s image site can contain the framework of the latest and forthcoming events, the description of the carried-out advertising campaigns, some press releases and other information. Design of such web resource requires professional approach which can increase the image and reputation of the company, instead of reducing them.
Except of the image site, there is also a concept of information corporate site. Its basic function is to inform employees in the shortest periods. It is possible to automate many processes, including internal document flow by means of such web resource. Usually when designing such sites the main emphasis is placed on competent submission of information whereas the design itself needs minimal time. Nevertheless, the design should accurately observe company’s corporate style.

On-line shop. One of the most widespread type of sites on the Internet. Such projects are created for advertizing and sale of various goods and even services on the Internet. Such resource enables the user to make purchase in a few minutes, having selected the convenient method of payment and type of delivery. Of course the creation of e-shops requires the use of a control system. Besides, these systems are supplied with special functional modules which allow a normal interact of site with buyers. For large on-line shops their own control systems which are most adapted under site needs are developed.

Information site. Such web resources are, as a rule, developed to place the useful information in the Internet and remind reference manuals or encyclopedias. One of the most known information sites – Wikipedia. It is on the seventh place of attendance in a world rating. Such projects usually aren't commercial. Information site can have a certain subject or to be the universal, i.e. to contain some primary subjectally independent partitions in which there are some subsections. Creation of information site can take a lot of time.

Blog. This category of sites represents a certain web blog. Very often the blog is devoted to a specific subject which the author of the blog is good at. The author places there informational articles and communicates with the readers by means of comments and questions. Thus, the blog represents a certain dialog between people connected by similar interests.

Except the described categories of sites there are also different game portals, forums, a content stock exchange, social networks and other types. All of them have their target audience and have the right exist on Internet. For example, Google the largest portal and searcher is the first in a world rating. Facebook is on the second place. YouTube, the video hosting services, has got the third place. These sites are united not only by universal world love and leading places but also all by the thought-over structure and professional management system.

Importance of management system
website creationWhy it is necessary to order sites with an engine and management system? Many clients ask this question. The answer is very simple. Some time ago content management systems really weren't vital for sites. A code written on html language was not too difficult and its changes didn't make big work for the programmer. Today creation of sites requires much more difficult technologies and programming languages. Management systems, they are "engines", facilitates the work not only for users but also for designers. By means of "engine" it is possible to add and delete content quickly, to create new units or to edit already existing, to control settings. The simple and clear interface of management system allows to deal quickly with it and to start to work. Besides, the use of qualitatively developed system increases resource safety.

Websites on a turn-key basis
Many studios offer such service, as a "turn-key" site. Why it is important to order tested and filled turn-key site? For its long history the ABCname Company faced the most different orders. The considerable number of such projects had the main task – to alter a site and to bring it to a working acceptable state. Therefore we recommend ordering a "turnkey" site to our clients. Such service allows saving the significant amount of your time and nerves. Our skilled web designers, professional programmers and competent content managers, will be able to execute the project as qualitatively as possible. The solid command will develop the unique concept for your site and will constantly adhere to it. When ordering a "turnkey" site, the client prevents himself from any cares and precisely he doesn’t work as an intermediary between designers and programmers. Besides, the ABCname Company fills the site with unique and necessary information, and also holds site testing. The work won't stop until the task will be done perfectly. The programmers’ functional part, the designers’ visual part, copywriters’ interesting and qualitative content part – all these parts will become a unit. Besides, the command of ABCname designers will help you with an embodiment of a corporate logo spirit – an essential element of web design. Creating a logo, which becomes the snap not only for a site, but also for the whole company, will allow clients to recognize the company everywhere and will force to envy competitors. This is the main task of ABCname Company designers in case of corporate identity creation.