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Website re-design for «Torgoviy Dom Poliakov» company.
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Title page

Website renewal was implemented due to the customer’s desire of having a more colorful design.

The second objective was to add new services, while the website structure and design concept were to remain the same, because they have already became a part of company`s corporate identity.

Flash was added to the title page, featuring a demonstration of staff, which is driving the company to success.

Title page designing goes on
The client didn`t approve the first model. Instead, we received another hundred of images which we assorted, selecting appropriate ones and allocating them by color in order to get a desired general image during the animation.

3d Map Creation

The maps were done well, presenting them to the client.

Color gamut #1
The customer asked us to demonstrate different color variations for countries on the home page, in order to examine their look on the web-site.

Color gamut #2

Color gamut #3

Ukraine without 1000 and 1 holidays isn`t Ukraine at all.)) Thus, we created special logo variations appropriate for several significant Ukrainian holidays.

Color gamut #4
Hurrah! This webpage version was approved by client. Let the layout process start!

Special thanks from ABCname:Our company expresses individual appreciation to Lilia Upirova, client`s company marketing analyst, who was responsible for successful project development from the client side and made a major contribution to it.