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Flash is a technology, which can be used to create animation files. You can also create three-dimensional models for animation. This technology is widely used in the making of animated presentations, banners, commercials and even web sites.
3D is a technology that allows you to create three-dimensional objects. Techniques and technology tools enable to design images of the object in three dimensions.
Audit is an independent evaluation of the work. An audit may be conducted to check the activities of the company, a separate system or process. There are different types of audits depending on the application.
Rewriting is the process of changing the original text but the main idea is left untouched. Rewriting is characterized by the use of such techniques as permutation of paragraphs, changing the direct speech, the replacement of certain words with synonymous etc.
Copywriting is a creation of promotional and informational texts for sale.

Banner advertising
Banner advertising is one of effective methods of Internet advertising in which the advertising message is provided in the form of a graphic banner. Advertising banner can be static or animated.
Contextual advertising
Contextual advertising is a type of Internet advertisement.  The unit with a contextual advertising contains advertising messages of similar subject with the information placed on this page of a site.
SEO means search engine optimization. It is a range of activities that are carried out in order to raise the ranking of a website in search engines for a given request to attract a lot of visitors or potential customers.

Update is a renewal of software or system. It means modernization, improvement or completion of system by data (such as updating a database search engine).
Plug-ins for the browser
Plug-ins for the browser is separately connected modules for the browser. Plug-ins can extend the browser's capabilities and adjust it to the most comfortable and productive use.